Gallery of Work by Jim James

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.Hackberry up close


Urn - SOLD

Knitting Bowls

Sassafras Burl

Elm bowl with leather inlay

Hackberry alternate view


Pecan with leather

Pecan with leather


Walnut bench with epoxy river

Sycamore Urn with threaded lead



Twin Rivwes 40 X 20

Hackberry 12.25 X 5.5

Walnut Burl 6 X 3.25

Walnut Burl 12 X 1.5

Walnut Burl 7 X 3.25

Walnut Burl 10 X 2

Walnut Burl 14.5 X 5.75

Walnut Burl 11.75 X 3.75

Epoxy River

Cedar with turquoise and antler

Walnut with turquoise inlay

Hackberry With Turquoise Inlay

Sycamore with coal and turquoise inlay


Bodark with turquoise inlay

Cedar with turquoise







Table horse inlay - SOLD


Sold, Elm

Walnut with art and turquoise

Cedar with turquoise


Oak with art and turquoise








Cedar with turquoise

Walnut Rolling Pin With inlay

Walnut Rolling Pin With inlay

Walnut Rolling Pin With inlay

Pecan 8.5 X 5 3.14

Oak Art 31 in. tall 3.16Oak Art 31 in. tall 3.16 (2)

Turkey Fan Plaque 25.5 x 8.5 3.16

Pecan 9.75x5.5 2.16

Oak 14.5X12.75 3.16 Oak 13.25X11.25 3.16

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